Gran Fondo Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Coast
Cinque Terre Coast

Region: Liguria
Location: Portovenere (SP)
Course: 15 kilometres in a straight line, starting in Ferale and arriving in Portovenere (Grotta Byron) passing opposite Riomaggiore.
Characteristics: Ligurian sea

Organization: NAL asd, with the support of the Portovenere National, Cinque Terre National Park and the Cinque Terre Protected Marine Area Park.
Contact person: Franco MUSCARÀ
Programme and information:

Swimming along the coast of the Cinque Terre is a way to experience the sea from the depths of the most varied and rich marine life in the whole of Liguria, surrounded by virtually uncontaminated nature. The coast overhang the sea, with cliffs that often soar vertically and continue even below sea level.
The Cinque Terre has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean, with clean water and a unique coast and bays that can only be reached by sea”.
” – cit. Franco Muscarà.

Race Track of Gran Fondo Cinque Terre 2018
Race Track of Gran Fondo Cinque Terre