Gran Fondo Sanremo

Coast of Gran Fondo Sanremo 2018
Sanremo Coast

Region: Liguria
Location: Sanremo (Imperia)
Course: 15 kilometre straight course along the coast with arrival and departure from Bagno Tahiti.
Characteristics: Ligurian sea

Organization: by CSI Imperia and NAL
Contact person: Antonio MANCOSU
Programme and information:

A swim along the coast of the City of Flowers, created and evolved on the banks of the sea, given the strong bond that those of Sanremo have had with the sea from Medieval times. We are pleasantly reminded of the saying that the people of Sanremo navigate without oars, showing the significant connection that was and is between the sea and the residents of this area. The Gran Fondo wishes to promote the beauty and magnificence of the Sanremo sea that offers unique emotions” – cit. Antonio Mancosu.

Race Tracks of Gran Fondo Sanremo 2018
Race Tracks of Gran Fondo Sanremo 2018