Cookie Policy

What are cookies
Cookies are little of What data files are stored on the User’s computer during browsing and perform various FUNCTIONS come Remember the login data to service, collect statistical information Visit On the pages, identify the browser and the device used, Select a communications and content targeted at Second of their preferences and more.

Cookies can be of various types, a second type of data What store and how long it is stored on your Device.

The Session cookies, or temporary ones are mature or are Unsubscribe to the closure of the WHILE Those persistent browser They Maturities Longer (from A Few Minutes of whole months) of a Second FUNCTIONS That play. THESE are just FUNCTIONS What stand out cookies into question categories: technical and non-technical (or profiling).

The Technical cookie manage the necessary data for disbursements of pages and easy navigation, allowing, for example, not having to re-enter user and password to access services Details, to remember the last page you visited or to what extent is, and I saw a video, Recognizing the type of device in use and adapt the size of the images accordingly. Technical cookies allow InOLTRE to perform statistical analysis aggregated On the pages and More Visit Preferences On the Users, but only anonymously, and are not used to analyze the behavior or the preferences of individual users.

The cookie profiling , on the other hand, are used to analyze The Interests and navigational habits of individual users to customize the navigation and provide, for example, content, also advertising, aimed at Special Interest.

Cookies can be delivered directly from the Site Manager on What you are surfing (cookies of the first part) or, in the case The site supports external services for Details FUNCTIONS, by third parties (Third Party cookies).

The site uses on his technical both biscuit pages both non-technical, Also Third Party, for good to improve the experience on their site, adapting it, for example the device in use, selecting the type of the display content.

Third Party plug-ins (eg Google) collect data using cookies to make navigation statistics. Crops No data will be used directly by profiling for a commercial purpose. And in any case not possible to ensure equal respect to the plug-in Third University Parties included in website.